Get to know your camera and turn off Auto Mode

Posted by on February 27, 2012


Getting the exposure of each image you make just right is the technical part of photography – but don’t be put off; just like driving a car anyone can learn it. Understanding exposure will allow you to tell your camera what you want from it, rather than letting it make decisions for you.

During the workshop we’ll cover what you need to know about your camera’s exposure modes and metering so you can work effectively and fine tune your exposures with a variety of landscape subjects.  If you’re shooting with a digital camera we’ll have a close look at the histogram and see how this relates to exposure accuracy.  We’ll discuss depth of field, a crucial part of landscape photography, and how this is controlled by your camera exposure settings.  Also, we’ll cover situations where you might need to use filters in landscape photography, such as polarisers, neutral density (ND) filters and graduated neutral density filters and cover more complex exposure techniques such as multiple exposure.

With two photographers on hand on every Natural Light workshop there’ll be plenty of time for one to one tuition so that everyone gains an understanding of exposure regardless of photographic experience.

We provide a detailed magazine style handout during the workshop with a complete section on exposure along with examples.

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