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At the end of every workshop we hand out questionnaires to the group with a few tick box answers, below are the results from 81 Questionnaires from when we began in March 2010 up till December 2016.


What Our Workshop Participants Say…

“Awesome workshop taken by two great guys, really knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. I learnt more about landscape photography in 8 hours spent with Sam and Mark than a whole year reading photography magazines. I would highly recommend attending any of their workshops as it is time and money well spent. Thanks again.” – Craig H

“I can’t think of a single thing which would improve the experience. I think the tutor/attendance ratio is perfect. I’ve been on trips where I was the only one and its too intensive with no time for experimenting. Too many people though and you don’t learn enough especially if you’re a quiet type. Thank you Sam and Mark.” – Laura H

“A great workshop by two great guys who are passionate about what they do. Thanks for an excellent weekend.” – Alex

“Thourghly enjoyable day. From my very basic start point I picked up loads of tips to make my enjoyment of photography move forward. The others on the workshop were good company, and ready to help me making it a great day.” – Richard

“Learnt more on positioning, control of the camera, what to look for and learnt about the histogram. Found the workshop very interesting on what can be done with any picture. All round a very enjoyable experience, Thank you.” – Edgar W

“Attending this course was a great experience, I found Mark and Sam great to work with and both were very helpful and knowledgable of the landscape and photography. The post processing workshop was very informative and enjoyable. I would be happy to recommend and attend a further course.” – Mark O

“I was an experienced, but not very expert digital photographer, my son thought it time I learned to use my expensive camera and gave me this course as a birthday present. He was so right with a focus on the essentials and gentle guidance from Mark and Sam my photography improved beyond measure. Wish I had done this years ago!” – Mike B

“I was a bit apprehensive before the course, would it be too technical or “nerdy”? for an absolute beginner. The friendly approach soon put me at ease. The information was easy to understand and was clearly explained. The group was the optimum size for that personal touch. This course has given me enough knowledge and the confidence to be able to really develop what I know. Will now be a pleasant and fulfilling hobby, thank you and keep up the good work” –  Barrie C

“Best christmas present I’ve ever had! loved every minute of session on saturday (even the weather). The photoshop and Lightroom session on Sunday was also well paced and will make me start using Lightroom. the course has made me enthusiastic about my DSLR camera after getting lazy with my phone camera. Will be coming back next year for the Malham day. Thanks Sam and Mark for a great day” –  Kevin N

“It was an excellent course, thank you” –  Simon T

“I really enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot. Small group meant a lot of time with the tutors” –  Jen L 

“Very informative and well presented workshop held in a wonderful location. Post processing was good in that it showed the advantages of different software programs, thanks again” – Frank A

“Learnt a lot from excellent tutors and the course was pitched at the right level for people with different skill levels, thank you very much” – Ben W

“Very useful day – exactly what I had expected and hoped for. A fresh look at my photography. Thank you” – Malcolm J

“A very professional and exhilarating experience. A real eye opener to techniques for both in the field work and post production. The guys work really hard to ensure you get the best out of your day and assist you to look in very different and engaging ways at both the large vista and the macro. Mark and Sam have put a lot of worth while effort and planning into this 2 day workshop, and their enthusiasm to assist you through their professional world of photography, making things as simple or as deep an understanding as you need it to be is just great. The supportive literature has been well thought through, is interesting and varied, and has a respected and rightful place at the forefront of my much needed DSLR manuals. In 2 days I felt I had personally come on leaps and bounds, Mark and Sam have certainly created a workshop here that other professional photographers will find very hard to beat!! Thanks” – Robert D

“an absolutely outstanding day. Ive learned two or three specifics about photography that will have a lasting impact. Sam and Mark bring 1st rate professional experiences to the day, that will change the way anyone approaches taking photographs. The additional processing half day adds the ‘cherry’ to the cake. I was really happy with my results until I realised how a few seconds and mouse clicks could push them to a higher notch on the impact scale. Overall a great experience. Thanks” – Allan D

“Really enjoyed the day, has helped me take better pictures, even when its just snaps of the family” – Julia H

“Thank you so much for getting me going! I now have an idea about moving forward with my new camera” – Steve D

“A very enjoyable course that has inspired me to take my photography to the next level. Thank you” – Andy H

“Overall a very interesting experience and a good learning curve for a relative beginner” – Brian A

“A really enjoyable day in beautiful countryside. The techniques learnt during the workshop will serve me well over the coming years and were a good balance of the fundamentals without being overly complicated, many thanks Sam and Mark” – Jason S

“I am so excited at being able to take photographs knowing that a photo is just the potential of a great picture – Thank you Natural Light Photography Workshops for showing me the way! Anyone with a camera is going to have me teling them all about you and how you can help turn taking hundreds of photos into thinking about how taking a few photos with some forthright, not only saves time but money and patience too!” – Ginny S

“Very enjoyable, learnt quite a few little bits, good balance between walking and stopping at locations and I plan to go on another course in the future” – Mike M

“All in all, a fantastic experience, I learnt loads and am really enjoying trying out my newly acquired knowledge without the help of the automatice button!” – Mel R

“I had the great pleasure in going on one of the Natural Light Photography Trips to Bolton Abbey. We had a great day,  Sam and mark were the most pleasant hosts giving out hints, tips and experience all through the day. I have no hesitation in recommending them for a great day out.” – Tom L

“Mark and sam were very approachable and knowledgeable” – Matt H

“If, like me, you are wanting to improve your photography whilst enjoying a good walk in the fresh air in the company of other like-minded people. Then you will thoroughly enjoy one the excellent Natural Light Photography Tours. Recently did a superb one from Bolton Abbey – excellent day out!” – Simon M

“Will be coming to a future workshop! Loved it! Everyone was very welcoming and cool” – Sophie H

“Highly recommend these workshops! Beautiful scenery and great tuition” – Neil L

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