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The great thing about a Natural Light Photography Workshop is that on every tour there are two professional photographers.

Sam Oakes and Mark Sunderland met several years ago at one of Sam’s exhibitions and have admired each other’s work and kept in touch since. Sam had been working abroad for a number of years as a tour leader for an adventure travel company and recently settled back into the UK. It was a natural progression to want to set up some photography workshops in Yorkshire and the two made contact with the idea of doing this together.

The Natural Light workshops were set up in 2011 and the first year saw great success, with twice as many tours planned for 2012. It works well having two photographers on a workshop as both Sam and Mark have their own individual styles. They often find it interesting, after going out on a  recce where they both take images in the same location, at the same time and in the same light, that they come away with very different images.

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