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Workshop Report – Bolton Abbey May 2022

Our second Spring visit to Bolton Abbey and Strid wood was now upon us. Although the two workshops are just 4 weeks apart, the woodland changes dramatically. The Bluebells, although there are a few are still around have now made way for the vast carpets of Wild Garlic.

We began our morning at the Tea Cottage for a morning briefing including a slideshow of the 5 elements that make a great landscape photograph. Ready for the day we head out to our first stop which is an elevated view of the Abbey. With the trees getting fuller with leaf cover, we can just about get a clear view of the Abbey at the right angle. We have now been running these photography workshops for 12 years and we can certainly noticed how the landscape has changed during that time, in particular how the small saplings all that time ago have now grow up tall.

Leaving the Abbey we head up into Strid Wood, and our first stop down by the river where the banks are filled with Wild Garlic. The smell hits you right away and the carpet of white flowers is really impressive. There are plenty of photographic opportunities to be had, be it the woodland or reflections in the river.

A short walk further along and we arrive at the world famous Strid. Like our last visit the water levels are very low, and the light is very bright. After a spot of lunch we get to work. At upper part of the Strid there are some areas of open shade, so we can capture some lovely moving water shots. The main part of the Strid was in bright sunshine, so not so easy to capture the fast moving white water.

After our lunch we continue a little away from the river and have an impromptu stop in a still blossoming Bluebell wood. The light is still tricky, but using the areas of open shade we are able to capture some nice shots.

Continuing on and over the bridge to head back down towards the Abbey. We have a number of short stops, including the view up to Simons Seat, some back lit trees overhanging the river, the elevated view down to the Strid and also Harrisons Ford Seat.

Heading back down to the rivers edge we have a go at some Intentional Camera Movement before making our way back to the Abbey.

Its a very bright early evening, so the lighting at the stepping stones is very tricky. Instead we head back up to the Tea Cottage for the view back towards the Abbey.

Although the light was tricky for some of the locations, we were able to capture the beautiful Wharfedale landscape, especially the woodlands and wild garlic which looked splendid in full bloom.

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