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Workshop Report – Malham July 2022

Before writing up this report, I had a quick look back at last years visit to Malham, and what a huge difference! Last year we were lashed with heavy rain and dramatic clouds and this year couldn’t be more different! Wall to wall sunshine and bright blue skies.

A warm welcome at the Lister Arms (They had lit the fire!!) as the group gathered for refreshments and our introduction talk into what makes a great landscape photograph. Suncream and water to hand we make our way out for the day.

Our first stop is a view of a derelict barn and meadow . We don’t always stop here, but the light if really nice for the subject so well worth a stop. Its also a good chance to go through the camera settings and familiarise ourselves with the exposure controls.

We then head into the small woodland and up to Janets Foss. This is traditionally our first stop but with the weather being so good, it is a honey pot of people. The light isn’t great for woodland photography, the water level was extremely low and folk were enjoying a spot of wild swimming, so for the first time ever we didn’t actually stop here for some photography, and instead headed for Gordale Scar.

Inside Gordale we had some great light as it was all in open shade and although the water levels were low, there was plenty of opportunities to capture the smaller details and rock formations. Its also quite fun to watch the climbers ascend the dramatic rock face.

From inside the Scar we head back out for the mid-day view back. After a spot of lunch we set about photographing the epic view using the stream beds as lead in lines.

Fuelled up and full of energy we make our way up and up and up to one of my all time favourite views across the stunning Yorkshire countryside. This is such a special stop as there is so much to take in. Views back down into Gordale Scar and the other way across towards Pendle Hill.

A bit of cross-country later and we arrive at the Lone Tree and Limestone pavement. Incredibly we disturb a Fox relaxing in the sun as he jumps up and escapes over a nearby wall!! The tree has seen better days and seems to be suffering from disease which is desperately sad.

Our last trek gets us back to the top of Malham Cove and rewarding 360 views plus the smaller details in the limestone pavement.

From the top we head down to our last stop looking up at the cove in the early evening sun.

It was a superb day to be out on the Yorkshire countryside, and the Sunday processing session proved that even in bright harsh light, you can capture some beautiful images!!

If you would like to join us on a future workshop we only have a few spaces remaining for 2022, and as this is our last year running our workshops its best to get in quick!!

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